Why Joomla! is the right CMS for your website

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this open source content management system, because in reality it can lead to some pretty amazing and advanced things. If you feel it’s time to upgrade the look and feel of your website, or maybe create a new one with some great features and functionality, then Joomla might be the right answer to all those questions. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a Joomla website.

Easy to manage

From the moment it was built, Joomla excelled in one area, and still does: content management. This may very well be one of the easiest tools for managing websites, without any coding or programming skills required. Thanks to the template system it works on, users can simply add their content, and it will be automatically displayed in a beautiful manner. The possibility to set user access levels will also bring you peace of mind knowing that your marketing assistant won’t accidentally delete or mess up something he should not have access to. It’s also one of the few CMSs that allows front-end-editing for any logged in user with the right permissions.

The benefits of an Open Source CMS

What this actually means for you, as a user, is that creative people around the world can develop a number of plugins and components that will make your life a lot easier. You are not limited to Joomla features and functionality, you can expand your website to do amazing things, while looking great and being easy to manage at the same time. A simple visit to the Joomla Extensions Directory will definitely solve all your problems.


Even though change is a good thing and it keeps us going, people tend to stick to the one thing they’ve already gotten used to. In this case we’re talking about the fantastic blogging functionality of WordPress. Sure there are some cool blogging components out there (such as EasyBlog), but if the heart wants what the heart wants, you should probably know that you can have them both thanks to a wonderful plugin called “Wordpress for Joomla plugin”. Yes, because of Joomla’s amazing flexibility, you can run your blog using Wordpress, while enjoying the features of a Joomla CMS.

eCommerce on the go

No one is arguing Magento is not the leading e-commerce platform, but it’s also extremely complicated to manage and pretty expensive to implement. That’s why Joomla created the perfect solution for your e-commerce needs and it’s called Virtuemart. It’s flexible and easy to use, offering integration with multiple payment gateways, including PayPal and Google Checkout, while providing you with standard features for product management and shipping options. Of course, thanks to some bright minds out there, you can also find other great e-commerce solutions for your Joomla website.

Reliable and friendly community

Being part of the Joomla community is like being part of the cool gang in high school. This is a vibrant and thriving community, always ready to help another member with the best possible answers or suggestions. Since it’s such a popular CMS platform, you will also find all the help you need in 3rd party companies, such as Old Clock Media, that would be happy to help you fix any issues or add new exciting features to your website.

And if all of these haven’t convinced you yet, you should also know that Joomla is free to download, to use and to upgrade. The only things you would need to pay for are extensions in the Joomla Extensions Directory or support from 3rd party companies. It’s also known to be very secure, and the reason this could be compromised is because of uninstalled security updates, the use of insecure 3rd party extensions or hosting with a bad host.

So what do you think are the most important features a CMS should have?

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